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Members Listing / Sub Working Groups

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Introduction for UKSAEI
Sub Working Groups

Research Collaboration Sub Working Group

The Research sub working group brings together colleagues interested in pursuing a collaborative research agenda. The group is focussed on identifying mechanisms to achieve joint working and how to achieve alignment in ambition, to secure lasting impact that could not be achieved by acting alone. As well as considering the “processes” to support collaborative research, the group is also interested in “content”, investigating some topics to pursue. These include healthy living and low carbon manufacturing. The group aim to identify specific areas of research that are relevant for both Singapore and the UK and can be delivered by universities working together

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Student Exchange Sub Working Group

The Student Exchange sub working group had developed an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Exchange Programme (IESEP) as one of UKSAEI’s pilot initiatives. The programme aims to enable students from member universities to gain new knowledge and perspectives in I&E through educational courses and project work, develop networks and linkages with peers and to be exposed to the I&E landscape in Singapore and the UK. Ultimately promoting innovation and nurturing future entrepreneurs and bringing closer together the ecosystems of both countries. Under the IESEP, selected students from each participating member university will have the opportunity to enrol in a variety of I&E related courses and activities over one semester at a host university. Singapore Management University is leading on the project.

Think Tank Sub Working Group

Entrepreneurs act in vibrant environments where the creation and exchange of new knowledge leads to more changes and innovation. In such entrepreneurial ecosystems, key elements are continuously changing, and the degree of complexity can be overwhelming. By combining the efforts of leading universities within Singapore and the UK, this complexity can be addressed in an innovative manner. We firmly believe that together we can achieve more. Therefore, a Think Tank sub working group of the UKSAEI is leading discussions through this international think tank focusing specifically on how partner universities can act in a symbiotic manner improving the current and future entrepreneurial ecosystem. This think tank will seek to identify suitable means to translate this thought leadership into a stream of appropriate outputs and disseminate these outputs to Governments, industry and educational institutions who are either directly and/or indirectly involved in the promotion of entrepreneurship.

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