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Overview of UKSAEI

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The UK-Singapore Universities Alliance for Entrepreneurship & Innovation was established in 2021 to share knowledge and facilitate collaboration between institutions in the two countries. In particular, the alliance seeks to facilitate engagement and collaboration between UK and Singapore universities on entrepreneurship and innovation.


Today, the Alliance brings together 19 world-leading universities from the UK and Singapore and sees growing membership to promote entrepreneurship and innovation through collaboration in knowledge exchanges, research, commercialisation and entrepreneurship training. Representatives from member universities participate in sub working groups, namely Think Tank, Research Collaboration and Student Exchange.

At present, the alliance is co-chaired by representatives from Coventry University and Singapore Management University.

3 Sub Working groups were established to deepen conversations.

  • Research Collaboration led by University of Newcastle and University of Strathclyde

  • Student Exchange led by Singapore Management University

  • Think Tank led by Coventry University

Image by Annie Spratt
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